ZIBF 2015 Theme: Growing the Knowledge Economy through Research, Writing, Publishing and Reading.


On behalf of the Executive Board of The Zimbabwe International Book Fair Association, I wish to advise you that at the last meeting of General Council held in December, 2014, our adopted Theme for 2015 – Growing the Knowledge Economy through Research, Writing, Publishing and Reading – was duly adopted.


In arriving at this Theme, the Executive Board took into account the many diverse recommendations made by participants at the conclusion of the 2014 Indaba and extracted the general spirit of those recommendations in order to determine this Theme.


Further, most of the suggestions seemed to hark back to the themes of the last few years such as “the digital theme” or “knowledge systems” or “indigenous languages”.  Alternatively, the importance of understanding intellectual property and copyright, publishing or libraries in the industry were recommended and the Board soon realized that some of the suggestions may only make sense as items for discussion in sessions under major themes but may not stand alone as themes.


Given this quandary the Board resolved that the best way forward would be to be creative in adopting these multifarious suggestions.  It happens that the encompassing spirit of these suggestions pointed to the subject of “creative industries in the knowledge economy”.  The subject of Creative Industries is a vast contemporary phenomenon that cuts across all forms of creativity, storytelling, writing, publishing, dancing, theatre, the film industry, motivational speaking, advertising etc.  It was also agreed that it would probably more than adequately cover the majority of our stakeholders’ interests.


We plan to run our traditional Book Fair events such as The Young Persons’ Indaba, Traders Day, Book Exhibitions, Children’s Reading Tent, and Meet the Author Sessions.  In pursuance of our objectives, our plan of activities is laid out below:


  • The Main Book Fair (Harare)                                                      27 July - 1 August 2015
  • The Bulawayo Book Fair                                                              27 March - 28 March 2015
  • The Masvingo Book Fair                                                              29 May – 30 May 2015
  • The Mutare Book Fair                                                                  25 September – 26 September 2015
  • The Gweru Book Fair                                                                    23 October – 24 October 2015

Your continued support is fully appreciated.